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We believe that building a trusting attorney client relationship is an essential part of our representation of you. Every case that come to us contains a unique set of facts for which an effective strategy must be created to reach the desired resolution. This requires extreme trust in the relationship between attorney and client. We believe working together as a partnership is essential in order to be the most effective advocate for you.

Ms. Castrataro's goal is to provide her clients with individualized attention and create practical solutions. She is a skilled negotiator but also a tough, experienced litigator who is prepared to try a case when settlement is unattainable. Known to be a detailed and exacting perfectionist in litigation and at trial, Ms. Castrataro vigorously advocates using a detailed case analysis, a command of the facts and law, and a case narrative, all of which are developed and constantly refined to achieve the most effective strategy for our clients. This is amplified by the working partnership developed with each client.

The hallmark of our law office is to provide our clients with individual attention to these most personal issues. From our extensive experience in the field, we are also sensitive to our client's individual circumstances and have built a reputation for being responsive to our client's needs. This is valued by our clients particularly when these matters can initially be overwhelming.

At the Law Office of Barbara A. Castrataro in Chappaqua New York, we customize a strategy for you which we continually analyze from its development through execution to achieve the best results.

Our New York divorce attorney is pleased to discuss your matter with you.

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Custody and Parental Access

Custody and Parental Access

How custody is determined



How spousal and child support are determined

Strong Collaboration Leads to Effective Resolution Before or at Trial

We pride ourselves on working with our clients as a team and preparing them for all phases of the process. We partner with our clients so that together we choose the most effective path forward for a successful conclusion specific to the client's comfort level. Our clients are fully informed of the options which enables them to make informed decisions. When trial becomes necessary, our clients are prepared and fully involved through every court appearance, deposition and trial.

When Litigation Becomes Necessary

Custody litigation is emotionally difficult and distressing to all concerned. While we encourage exhausting all possibilities for settlement for the benefit of the children, it is not always possible and we are experienced in taking such cases to trial. We have handled complex and difficult custody cases and always seek to ensure the full protection for the children in the process. We pride ourselves in our case preparation for trial and for every aspect of the case, including each time a case appears in Court. No appearance is ever inconsequential and it is essential to be prepared.

We Provide Strategic Preparation and Client Participation in the Process

In all cases, strategic planning is our benchmark, as is our preparation. As a client you will be involved in every aspect of your case, decisions shall be made only with your participation and approval and you will be informed, advised of and prepared for each step taken. We strive to present your case with complete professionalism to gain and maintain the respect of the Court.

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Barbara A. CastrataroReviewsout of 4 reviews

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